Reiki Certification

Reiki I Certification, Reiki II Certification, & Reiki Master Practitioner Certification

Reiki helps to harmonize and balance the body, mind and spirit.  This universal life force energy is spiritually guided and comes from source.

Reiki can be learned by anyone with an open heart and mind and a true desire to assist others. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, safe, easy and a natural alternative.

Benefits of Reiki

It may help to

  • reduce anxiety and stress,
  • detox and cleanse,
  • release blocked feelings,
  • ease insomnia and fears,
  • release emotional sadness and grief,
  • accelerate recovery from medical procedures.

In Reiki I: You will learn

  • The history, benefits and principles of Reiki
  • Basic Reiki hand positions for self-healing
  • The Sacred Power symbol
  • The Chakra system, auras, posture and hand positions
  • The power of intention and experience healing energy working through you
  • Learn and practice how to do a Reiki Chair session
  • Receive a spiritual attunement from a Reiki Master
  • Be able to give a Reiki treatment to yourself and others
  • Receive a Certificate and Reference materials


Reiki I Certification

Training will take place on a regular basis. Contact Karen for details. Cost is $225. Please bring a lunch. The class will run from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated and will be a full day of learning. For more information please contact Karen Jay-Moore,

Certification held near Orillia, Ontario;

Cost: $225.00 + HST

Some of the Certification Classes are scheduled for two half days. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Payment may be made by Cash, MasterCard, Visa, or my preferred method e-transfer. Contact me for details.

In Reiki II: You will learn

Receive Reiki II Sacred symbols to send long distance healing; practical application; Receive the Reiki II sacred symbol for emotional/mental problems; theoretical and practical use; Practice healing techniques including chakra balancing and body scans; Use Reiki to clear a space; Basic Crystal work; Clearing unwanted habits and empowering personal goals; Receive a sacred attunement from a Reiki Master; Hands on practice, giving Reiki II treatments to yourself and others; Receive a Certificate and reference materials. For additional information please contact Karen Jay-Moore at


Reiki II Certification: Training is currently held near Orillia, Ontario. Contact me for more information

Reiki II Training

For full day training please bring a lunch and water bottle with you, notebook, paper and  a packed lunch. Snacks will be provided.

Cost:  $295.00 + HST

In Reiki Master Practitioner: You will learn

  • Learn advanced Healing Techniques
  • Aura Clearing, Reiki Moving Meditation, Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Usui Master Symbol + Additional Tibetan Master symbols, theoretical & practical use
  • Advance meditation to clear and balance the chakras
  • Give and receive a Reiki session
  • Receive Master attunements
  • Values and ethics of being a responsible Reiki Master
  • Receive a certificate 

Bring notebook, pen, water bottle, packed lunch, pillow cases, blankets and music to play for sessions. Snacks will be provided. Cost: $395.00 + HST


Reiki Master Teacher Certification: Level 3 + 4 hours

Review Levels 1, 2, 3,

Master Level Attunement, Theoretical and Practical use

Demonstration and master of the attunement process

Class structure at all levels, tools and confidence to teach it

CRA criteria – you will have completed all criteria for CRA certification

Receive a Master/Teacher Certificate


Cost $450.00 + HST. We will begin at 8:30 – 6:00 Snacks will be provided. Please bring a lunch. We have a lot of information to cover and each student will practice giving and receiving treatments. Additional: water bottle, bring music (without words), pillow cases, blankets, crystals. Looking forward to seeing you!


“Karen was an amazing instructor for my Reiki Level 1 and Soul Communication Workshop. She is professional, organized and caring. She helps to create a safe environment that is open, empathetic and vulnerable. Karen is seasoned and skillful with many life experiences and knowledge to share. Thank you for two amazing classes. I am looking forward to doing more with you.” Jacqui Farley