Evidential Medium

Spiritual Care: Interested in self-empowerment classes or readings?
Individual Readings:

45-60 minute reading + an intuitively guided conversation. Sit back and relax. Karen or Dianne will focus on what you need, psychic, soul or mediumship. Each will draw upon their experience as they guide you through your reading with an interesting blend of information, messages and techniques.

Psychic and Mediumship Readings: Karen & Dianne

Two mediums for a 45 minute reading + 15 minutes of intuitively guided conversation and questions. Join Karen and Dianne for a Duo reading, each with their own unique style and blend of techniques. These two sisters have been trained by mediums from the UK, United States and Canada and provide Psychic, Soul and Mediumship readings.

Intuitive Development Classes: Tuesday

New classes beginning on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 for 6 weeks. These classes are a great way to start to understand your intuitive gifts, understand how to read energy, move beyond our mental mind and senses, and/or further develop your skills, all levels welcome.  Individuals have found classes meaningful, empowering, and have felt more connected to others.  Interested in developing your intuition and discover how to use it in every day life? Whether you want to develop your intuition or further develop mediumship, these classes are for you. Fun and engaging! Cost:  6 weeks for $200.00

Readings and Energetic Healing: Why not get a reading along with receiving an energetic healing session? As Reiki Master Practitioners and energy light workers, Karen and Dianne provide two services, one followed by the other. Relax and feel inspired.

Online Group Events: You host a group of friends, and we’ll join you for Conversation with Spirit. Contact us about pricing.

Have questions? Perhaps this information will guide you.
What is the difference between a psychic reading and a Mediumship reading?

A psychic reading provides you with information from your past, present or current situation and what might support you as you move forward. A mediumship reading is when the reader connects you with people that have died and are now in the spirit world.

Are psychic readings coming from spirit or from the psychic reading your energy?

They can be either from spirit or from you, hour energy and aura, but either way the reader will provide evidence that they would not otherwise know about you or your situation.

What kind of reading will receive?

It is usually up to the reader to determine what your soul needs. Many times people will want one kind of reading or another, but what your soul needs is how to move forward in your life, what is blocking or hindering you, and the other times, the person really needs to hear from their loved one.

How often should I have a reading?

Your purpose is to live life, experience it, the emotions, happy and sad times and everything in between! It is okay to want a reading or two but when it becomes a habit, the medium should be advising you to live your life.

My family are skeptical about readings. They don’t believe in them?

When it comes to readings people are generally skeptical. It’s okay to be a skeptic, in fact you should be. It is the duty of the reader to give you evidence that the information they are bringing through is accurate, information that they would not know about you or your situation.

What am I suppose to say during a reading?

Spiritual mediums prefer that you answer with Yes No, I don’t know without providing any the duty of a medium to know what kind of a reading the sitter needs that’s you!

What do I do if I don’t understand the information the reader provides?

This maybe the case. Sometimes a Medium will bring through information that is accurate but the sitter, that’s you, doesn’t understand it. Then later you may remember something about the information provided.

A reader may say “I’ll leave that with you” for you to ponder later.

Is everyone intuitive?

Yes, we all have the ability but often don’t pay attention to it. Some people are better at paying attention to the information they are receiving “the gut feeling”. Everyone can develop their intuitive skills. For many their beliefs, cultural or religious affiliations prevent them from exploring this aspect.

Individual Evidential Readings are available

Conversations with you are spiritually guided from the moment the session begins. The statements and conversation may mean little to the medium but have more impact and understanding from the client’s perspective.

Readings are meant to help people heal emotionally, provide you with evidence that life carries on. Sometimes people receive psychic/intuitive messages because that is what you need the most. Other times connecting with loved ones who have passed, is what your soul needs. Readings aren’t meant to determine how you live life. We are here to live life to the fullest and experience all emotions that go with living it.

I remember when I received my first reading it was so empowering. I also remember when I gave my first reading. I was so moved. I was going to observe a class and the instructor said “you’ve got this”. I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn’t know how to do it. The woman who received the reading said she had waited six years to hear from her son who had died by suicide. She said her healing began that night. I couldn’t explain how I knew the details but I did. It wasn’t about me though, it was helping someone else on their journey.

I’ve been intuitive for a long time but didn’t always believe what I knew. I had dreams of things happening before they happened and couldn’t do anything sot stop it. I knew things about people and situations and had no explanation for it. I now receive messages and pay more attention to the signs I am given, most of the time.

My Soul Talk classes are a way for me to pass on the lessons I’ve learned from amazing instructors around the globe, help others to understand spiritual laws, synchronicities and empower you to live your best life.