"Tell me I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn and understand". B. Franklin

Karen spent many years as a teacher, special education teacher and administrator, and has worked with social workers and Child and Youth Care workers, attended school meetings and helped engage people to work together to acquire resources for children and teens. If this is something you’d like to discuss, give me a call or send me an email.

At times, children and/or teens need someone who will listen to their ideas, challenges, concerns. They may feel as though they don’t fit in with their peer group.

They may be experiencing bullying at school. The school yard, hallways, washrooms, lunch room are often places where children will feel bullied or alone.

Educational Consulting:

Is your child experiencing difficulty in the classroom,, are they anxious about returning to school during these unsettling times? Your child may benefit from counselling or psychotherapy or may just need to meet with someone who understands and can provide some coping strategies.

If your child is experiencing difficulty with the curriculum – Individual Education Plans are a way that the school can provide your child/youth/teen with resources they need to be successful. It is a legally binding document.

Karen has spent 25+ years in education and advocates for a team approach to aid youth in education. It is helpful to speak to someone who understands the issues that children/teens may experience in the education setting.