Need an Accountability Partner? Small and manageable steps to achieve your goals? The time is now! Give me a Call!

Live the Life YOU are capable of Living!

  • What situation or life event is preventing you from living a life of joy?
  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Do you need Resilience coaching? Soul coaching? A Life Coach?
  • The first step is to Ask for Help.

What is involved:

  • Initial Meeting: Your story, aspirations, hopes & dreams, Your Why
  • Second Meeting: Relationships, Identify Key Areas, What’s holding you back? Set goals
  • Third Meeting:  Your Why! What’s propelling you forward? Small Achievable steps, Celebrate, Set goals
  • Plan: Your Communication & Detailed Action Plan, the nitty gritty! Celebrate/set goals
  • Action: Wrap it Up, Accountability, Bringing it all together! Your (Smart, Grow) sustainable action plan, Moving forward!

Areas to Ponder:

  • Life Transitions, changing vocations, realizing dreams, new beginnings
  • Life losses
  • Relationships
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Living Life Now!

Each session takes 90 minutes: Cost: $125.00

In Depth: 90-120 minutes, Cost: $135.00

To inquire or set up a meeting, use the Contact Us form or email Karen Moore,